Tricks to Speedup Pendrive to transfer Data Faster

Pen drives, External Harddisks or any USB Devices are quite popular in the digital world for quick or instant transfer of data. Using USB flash drives, anyone can easily transfer large files from one Computer to another, or from Computer to laptop, or from laptop to TV, and vice versa. This latest and fast growing technology has made our work much easier than before. In current times, you can transfer Gigabytes (GBs) of information into just a tiny pen drive in a flick.


In past years, a lot of changes has been made in storage devices and on regular intervals it is getting better. When it’s a matter to compare new pen drives with the older ones, you will notice significantly a high transfer rate in the latest ones. However, this is very often when you can get irritated easily with slow transfer speed of pen drives while copying data in pen drives or in any external USB device. Well, this article shall provide you with some tricks using which you can Speedup your Pendrive Data Transfer Rate.

Factors that can affect transfering rate of data:

Below are some of the common factors that are responsible for the rate of data transfer –

  • Pen-drive ageing: It’s a very common factor for any device that when it becomes old, the rate of data transfer gets slower.
  • File Type: The rate of transferring data also depends on the file type, you might have noticed sometime that songs, videos and documents takes much less time in transfer while application files need more time in transfer.
  • USB port version: The most popular version of USB is 3.0 these days & it will give you upto 5gbps speed. So, every time when you go out to buy a pen drive be sure about USB 3.0.

The tricks for Speedup Pendrive for transfer Data faster:

  • File system should be NTFS: If you want to Speedup your Pendrive , then make sure you have set NTFS as file system. You can do it just by Right clicking on your pendrive and selecting Format, Select NTFS File system, do uncheck Quick Format and Click on Start.

check pendrive-for-errors

  • Disk errors: To check disk errors go to the properties tab of your pen drive, then click ‘tools tab. You will find a ‘check now’ button under it, click it and then hit ‘start to fix the errors. Here, the time taken during scan depends on the size of the pen drive.
  • Device policy: Under properties of your pen drive, select ‘hardware tab. Then select USB device from there that will lead you to a pop up window, from where you need to change settings. You can have better performance of pen drive by clicking the option under ‘hardware tab.
  • Format: This is one of the effective options that many users tries. When you have used your pen drive for quite a long time, you can speed it up by formatting the USB device.

Carefully test your pen drive or any USB device with the factors given above to Speedup. In addition to this, you should keep checking for these aspects on regular intervals, say twice or thrice in a month.

Rajat Jain

Rajat Jain

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Rajat Jain

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