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How to block unwanted websites on your Computer

These days computers and internet becomes an important ingredient of our life. Well, blocking any website on your laptop or computer becomes necessary when your family or some irritating friend comes to you and want to use

How to work with Keyboard like a Mouse

If you found your mouse is not working and you have got an important work to do, you would definitely like to know how you can use your keyboard as mouse. It is not difficult to use

Tricks to Speedup Pendrive to transfer Data Faster

Pen drives, External Harddisks or any USB Devices are quite popular in the digital world for quick or instant transfer of data. Using USB flash drives, anyone can easily transfer large files from one Computer to another,

Prepare a Youtube video into an Animated GIF

YouTube is a popular site for watching bulk of videos and by using the site GifYoutube, you can make any frame or section of any video into an animated Gif image. To create an animated Gif image

How to get rid of Candy Crush Requests, Invites, & Notifications on Facebook

We all know, it’s getting more and more annoyed as day by day we are getting lots of Candy Crush requests and notifications on our Facebook account. We can make it possible to stop getting candy crush

How to reset the Icons cache in windows

There are many times when you found the icons of the application and shortcuts missing in the windows start menu and desktop. In this post we will discuss How to reset the Icons cache in windows to

Tips for Writing Better CSS

For a Website Developer CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) is a very important thing. It not difficult to learn and master the CSS but sometime in large projects it become difficult to manage the CSS. So we are discussing

Shortcut keys for typing various symbol

There are variety of symbols that we need while creating a documents. There are some shortcut for typing these symbols. The shortcut is as follows: Alt + 0153….. ™… trademark symbol Alt + 0169…. ©…. copyright symbol

How to change port number in wampserver

Sometimes developer comes in a situation where they have to work with Apache along with IIS. so to run Apache along with IIS in wamp server following are the steps for changing the port number in wamp