Apex Data Loader Overview

The Apex data loader is a .net utility used for the bulk import or export of data. We can load any object that has API_Access. The data loader is not a Cloud-based tool rather it’s a desktop utility built for systems running on windows OS.

The operations you can perform by using Apex Data Loader are:

  • Insert
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Upsert
  • Hard Delete
  • Export
  • Export All


Some features of Data Loader are:

  • The Apex data loader is available in few editions which are Unlimited Edition (UE), Enterprise Edition (EE), and Developer Edition (DE).
  • Apex Data Loader supports the CSV (Comma Separated Value) format to import and export of data.
  • It is a useful tool to provide backup and archive your data.
  • It also shows detailed success and error log files in CSV format.
  • The Apex Data Loader also works on Command Line.
  • The Apex Data Loader is an API-based tool used to Import & Export Salesforce data.
  • We can import above 50,000 records using it and also schedule data loads.
  • Salesforce Data can be Exported and Mass Deleted.

Unlike other features of Force.com, the Apex Data Loader is not entirely on Cloud. We need to physically download & install it on the machine to use. To get and Install the Apex Data Loader perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to User name | Setup | Data Management | Data Loader.
  2. Download the Data Loader.
  3. Launch Install Shield Wizard and follow the instructions.

Download the Data Loader

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