Overview of Zend

Zend is a company, responsible for the Zend Framework, founded by “key contributors to PHP and the creators of the core PHP scripting engine i.e. the Zend Engine.”


Zend Framework is an open-source Object Orientated PHP5 based MVC framework developed at Zend.

Zend Framework applications can run on any PHP stack that fulfills the technical requirements. Zend Technologies Ltd. provides a Zend Server or Zend Server Community Edition, PHP stack, which is publicized to be optimized for running Zend Framework applications. Zend Server contains Zend Framework in its installers, along with required extensions and PHP.

Zend Studio is an IDE that includes features specifically to integrate with Zend Framework. It delivers an MVC view, MVC code generation based on Zend Tool (a component of the Zend Framework), parameter assist, a code formatter, code completion, and more.

Zend Studio is a paid software, whereas the Zend Framework and Zend Server Community Edition are free.

Some of the features of Zend are as follows:

  • Free and open source framework
  • Extremely Simple
  • Highly productive
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Supported by more than 300 contributor, it includes IBM and other major companies
  • Protractible MVC implementation supporting layouts and PHP-based templates by default
  • Support for multiple database systems and vendors, including SQLite, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, and Informix Dynamic Server
  • Email composition and delivery, retrieval through mbox, POP3, Maildir and IMAP4
  • Flexible caching sub-systems with support for many types of backends, such as memory or a file system.

For more information, please visit it’s official website: Zend

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