CodeIgniter: How to install

After the introduction to the CodeIgniter now we will learn how to install CodeIgniter on the local system. Before installing it on your machine you must have a Webserver like WAMP,XAMPP etc. (See below for download link) which support PHP. You should have MySQL installed on the machine if you need database in your application. After having all the installation requirement we need to do the following steps for installing the CodeIgniter.

Step-1:Open the root folder in the webserver (For WAMP it is located at C:wampwww). put the downloaded zip (Click here to download the zip) in the folder and extract the zip. You will get a folder named as codeigniter_[version]. Rename this folder to simply CodeIgniter.

Server Root

Step-2:Now go to CodeIgniter/Application/Config directory and open config.php file

Step-3:Change the $config[‘base_url’] value to “http://localhost/CodeIgniter”.

config file

Step-4:Now open the url in browser. You should get like this.

CodeIgniter Homepage

You can download the WAMP Server and XAMPP server from the following links:

WAMP Server

XAMPP Server

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