Display the table of contents in grid format using the dynamic internal table in SAP ABAP

Display the table of contents in grid format using the dynamic internal table.

Creating Dynamic internal table

PARAMETERS : p_table(10) TYPE C.
 DATA: w_tabname TYPE w_tabname, 
 w_dref TYPE REF TO data, 
 w_grid TYPE REF TO cl_gui_alv_grid.
 w_tabname = p_table. 
 CREATE DATA w_dref TYPE TABLE OF (w_tabname).
 ASSIGN w_dref->* TO <t_itab>.

Populating Dynamic internal table

SELECT * FROM (w_tabname) UP TO 20 ROWS INTO TABLE <t_itab>.

Displaying dynamic internal table using Grid.

CREATE OBJECT w_grid EXPORTING i_parent = cl_gui_container=>screen0. 
 CALL METHOD w_grid->set_table_for_first_display EXPORTING i_structure_name = w_tabname CHANGING it_outtab = <t_itab>. 

Scenario 2:

Create a dynamic internal table with the specified number of columns.

Creating Dynamic internal table

FIELD-SYMBOLS: <t_dyntable> TYPE STANDARD TABLE, “ Dynamic internal table name <fs_dyntable>,Field symbol to create work area <fs_fldval> type any.Field symbol to assign values 
PARAMETERS: p_cols(5) TYPE c.Input number of columnsDATA: t_newtable TYPE REF TO data, t_newline TYPE REF TO data,
 t_fldcat TYPE slis_t_fldcat_alv, t_fldcat TYPE lvc_t_fcat, wa_it_fldcat TYPE lvc_s_fcat, wa_colno(2) TYPE n,wa_flname(5) TYPE c. 
* Create fields .
 DO p_cols TIMES.
 CLEAR wa_it_fldcat.
 move sy-index to wa_colno.
 concatenate 'COL' wa_colno into wa_flname.
 wa_it_fldcat-fieldname = wa_flname.
 wa_it_fldcat-datatype = 'CHAR'.
 wa_it_fldcat-intlen = 10.
 APPEND wa_it_fldcat TO t_fldcat.
* Create dynamic internal table and assign to FS
 CALL METHOD cl_alv_table_create=>create_dynamic_table EXPORTING it_fieldcatalog = t_fldcat IMPORTING ep_table = t_newtable. 
 ASSIGN t_newtable->* TO <t_dyntable>. 
* Create dynamic work area and assign to FS
 CREATE DATA t_newline LIKE LINE OF <t_dyntable>.
 ASSIGN t_newline->* TO <fs_dyntable>.

Populating Dynamic internal table

DATA: fieldname(20) TYPE c.
 DATA: fieldvalue(10) TYPE c.
 DATA: index(3) TYPE c. 
 DO p_cols TIMES. 
 index = sy-index.
 MOVE sy-index TO wa_colno.
 CONCATENATE 'COL' wa_colno INTO wa_flname. 
* Set up fieldvalue
 CONCATENATE 'VALUE' index INTO fieldvalue.
 CONDENSE fieldvalue NO-GAPS. 
 ASSIGN COMPONENT wa_flname OF STRUCTURE <fs_dyntable> TO <fs_fldval>.
 <fs_fldval> = fieldvalue.
* Append to the dynamic internal table
 APPEND <fs_dyntable> TO <t_dyntable>.

Displaying dynamic internal table using Grid.

DATA: wa_cat LIKE LINE OF fs_fldcat.
 DO p_cols TIMES.
 CLEAR wa_cat.
 MOVE sy-index TO wa_colno.
 CONCATENATE 'COL' wa_colno INTO wa_flname. 
 wa_cat-fieldname = wa_flname.
 wa_cat-seltext_s = wa_flname.
 wa_cat-outputlen = '10'.
 APPEND wa_cat TO fs_fldcat.
* Call ABAP List Viewer (ALV)
 CALL FUNCTION 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY' EXPORTING it_fieldcat = fs_fldcat TABLES t_outtab = <t_dyntable>.
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