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How to reset the Icons cache in windows

There are many times when you found the icons of the application and shortcuts missing in the windows start menu and desktop. In this post we will discuss How to reset the Icons cache in windows to

Filling Dropdown in asp view in MVC3

If you are using asp views and need to fill a Drowpdown . The Below is the code for filling Drowpdown in asp view in MVC3. Code in Model using System; using System.Web; using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations; using System.ComponentModel;

Tips for Writing Better CSS

For a Website Developer CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) is a very important thing. It not difficult to learn and master the CSS but sometime in large projects it become difficult to manage the CSS. So we are discussing

Connection with MySQL in

Many time we comes in a situation where we cannot use Sql Server with our application. There can be many problems like Budget,Resources. In such situation we think of a Database which can be a good

Creating Web Grid in asp view in MVC3

If you are using asp views and need to build a grid to show data, you can use WebGrid. The WebGrid will have several features like custom styles, sorting, paging. The Below is the code for Creating

How to convert number to words

In many business application we require to convert the numbers to words, For example: Converting the number 1000 to One thousand. The Below C# program will help you in converting you numbers to words. The program is

Creation of a Module in Magento

In this post we will explain the process of creation of a module in Magento. In order to create a module named as helloworld under demo namespace in the Magento we need to do the following steps:

Module Configuration and URL Structure

Magento is a configuration based MVC. There is one other type of MVC which is know as convention based mvc. Convention based MVC – In this type of system if you want to add let say a

Magento Modules Structure

Magento is an object-oriented php framework that can be used to develop modern, dynamic web applications that tap into Magento’s powerful e-commerce features. In Magento the code is organised in individual modules. Magento’s files are grouped on

CodeIgniter: How to install

After the introduction to the CodeIgniter now we will learn how to install CodeIgniter on the local system. Before installing it on your machine you must have a Webserver like WAMP,XAMPP etc. (See below for download link)